The Blackjack Watch that Every Player Wants

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The Blackjack Watch that Every Player Wants

The Blackjack Watch that Every Player Wants

A nice watch compliments the rest of your playing attire. It marks you as a person of wealth and distinction, and those are not bad qualities to convey when you play blackjack in a casino. Some players even report that they are treated better when they dress well. You might even obtain more friendly attention from cocktail waitresses and pit bosses might be more generous with comps.

Why You Need a Blackjack Watch

There are some practical reasons why you need a watch when playing blackjack. The most obvious of these is that there are no clocks in casinos. It is important that you have a way to time your blackjack sessions. You could use your phone, perhaps, but in most casinos it is a big no-no to flash a mobile phone while you are at the table.

Wearing a watch when you play blackjack can temper your eagerness to stay at the table too long. You won’t hesitate to play more than you need to, particularly if the table has gone cold. In addition you don’t want to miss an important appointment. There is more than one story of the guy who got so caught up playing blackjack that he forgot about the anniversary dinner with his wife or a gathering to celebrate a birthday.

You can also use a watch to track how many hands are being dealt by the hour. For the hardcore card counter, this is useful to determine hourly profitability. When you have an idea of how a lot of return on investment you are getting over the course of an hour, that can help you decide whether to keep playing at a certain table or to obtain up and move to a more lucrative location.

Play Blackjack Online and Forget the Watch

Of course, you could skip all the stylish stuff and just play blackjack online in the comfort of your own home. No watch is required. No clothes, either, if that is your thing. Even when you play blackjack online, though, you can still use a watch to track the length of your sessions and perhaps keep them written down in a blackjack notebook.

More and more people are turning to online blackjack today because it is simply more convenient than live forms of the game. You can instantly access blackjack games with your computer, smartphone, or tablet 24/7. Many online casinos like CasinoMax are also offering generous welcome bonuses to new players. If you conceive an account there right now you can obtain a massive 300% match on your before all else casino deposit up to $3,000.

If you don’t enjoy that option, have a look at some of our reputable online casino spouses and start enjoying the sport you enjoy in only a couple of minutes using a click or 2.

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