The Sloppy Blackjack Dealer Cost the Casino Money

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The Sloppy Blackjack Dealer Cost the Casino Money

The Sloppy Blackjack Dealer Cost the Casino Money

One day the dealer simply disappeared. He was never spotted in that particular casino again. A few of the players searched the other casinos of Atlantic City but could not find him there either. One day, the player who had served as the Third Base blackjack player was sitting in a different casino having breakfast. 2 pit bosses walked in and sat down near his table. They started to talk about something which immediately got the blackjack player’s attention.

“Did you know what occurred in the Taj? ” one of the pit bosses demand the other. “It was rather crazy. Some trader got caught showing his hole card into some group of gamers. They need to have been working collectively. The state commission needed the trader detained and he’s still at the county prison. ”

“What happened to the other men? The gamers? ” the other pit boss demand.

“They are still searching for these. I believe they captured one. Anyhow it won’t be very long. The argumentation I found out about it is because the authorities brought us pictures of them from the Taj security cameras. They had us program them into our facial recognition database. If one of them shows up, we call the heat. ”

The blackjack participant sat there listening and lost his desire. Instantly, he paid his bill headed to the garage. He had been in the doorways of the casino 2 security guards turned into his course.

“Mr. Roberts? “

The blackjack player stinks.

“Please come with us. Some gentlemen from the state police would like to speak with you. ”

All the players involved were finally detained and charged with crime. Though they didn’t understand the trader and were just taking convenience of this trader’s weakness, even the intricate signals they invented were sufficient to send them into prison for a while.

If you run over a trader who’s doing a bad job of assessing the cards and showing information, you may wish to believe again before you attempt to take convenience of this.

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